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Diese Kerze brennt für Oma Lotte


Eine Kerze für Oma Lotte

Geboren am 10.04.1929
Gestorben am 11.08.2013
Eine Kerze wurde
am 12.08.2013 um 00:13 Uhr
von Eberhard, Simone, Isabell, Leon entzündet.
Wir sind sehr, sehr traurig. Du hast tapfer gekämpf. Wie haben dich immer in unseren Herzen.
Keyanna hat am 02.03.2014 folgendes geschrieben:
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Jade hat am 02.02.2014 folgendes geschrieben:
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Bimbim hat am 20.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
what's a vulcan?yeah i was the only taheecr who rode any rides on my field trip and i totally got partnered up with a student(the one who is fluent) at the beginning of the day when the other taheecrs found out i was actually interested in doing more than sitting around drinking tea all day (shocking, i know...) [url=]yspduh[/url] [link=]kxmqfc[/link]
Vontray hat am 16.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
Yeah I don't think we're actually sueppsod to ride the rides. Fuck that. I'm going on a roller coaster, even if I have to partner up with a student. I'm sure my students will get shouted at by at least one ajosshi. Black-clad vulcans -- yeah. And it is the uniforms as well, and the uniformity in shape and size. It's like being attacked by a mini militia.
Maeda hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
500 15/16 year old boys on a subway soudns like hell! i wonder if old men suck their teeth and yell at them to shut up like they do to white people? also i understand your fear of high school kids. im actually a bit frightened of middle school kids to tell you the truth, since theyre all taller than me too. i think its also the uniform thing. being confronted by a wall of black-clad, vulcans is never comfortable
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