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Diese Kerze brennt für Meine Hündin Buffy!


Eine Kerze für Meine Hündin Buffy!

Geboren am 20.12.2000
Gestorben am 23.12.2010
Eine Kerze wurde
am 23.12.2011 um 12:16 Uhr
von Sabine Zsampar entzündet.
Für meine Hündin Buffy,die leider letztes jahr verstorben ist,wir vermissen dich sehr und denken jeden tag an dich,du bist immer ihn unserem Herzen!
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Livhuwani hat am 17.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
Love it!Received the giveaway and can't wait to cluoor that little hedgehog! I got your offer for a crafting get together, back to school for a busy 6 week intersession for my M Ed, so I shall have to pass for now, but would certainly love to do it some other time. [url=]twkrfw[/url] [link=]aeupzxmv[/link]
Madina hat am 15.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
ahaha I'm loving these phoots!! that dress is so iconic for this Chris. Kane X Topshop collaboration! It's great that you're able to return the items you buy! It's not too common where I live... I'd love to be able to get loads of stuff and have the option of returning impulse buys. ;p
Kauhar hat am 14.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
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Citra hat am 12.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
we know from Anya's story, Vengeance Demons are humans first, they're not oilarngliy a different species (and they can keep their human form), so maybe there lies the difference: some demons are different species, and therefore have a species name, some may have oilarngliy been human, or may be a humanoid species or something, and therefore have a name descriptive of wht they do.
Mika hat am 03.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
thing when the show was on (set in the future).We know Robin is from NYC onirigally - did the Watcher who raised him move to Beverly Hills?Before we deal with the empowered girls we meet the one with no power.Cassie says to Spike "Someday she'll tell you". And Buffy did tell Spike she loved him. And like the original Cassandra, he didn't believe it.I think D'Hoffryn knows that the First will cause Anya's death.
Ashwani hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
GAH yknow i LOOOOOOVE anya hindmarch, she was my first deginser love when I discovered those "be a bag" bags..I even dedicated my GCSE Textiles project to her haahahShe was in Hong Kong a few years back and I was so lucky enough to meet her AND she SIGNED one of my Anya bags with "DL
Kistina hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
EBeth, that's a really inieserttng thought about Anya.I guess I had also lazily assumed she just got a soul when she became human at the end of The Wish. But in fact, as you point out, it's not at all clear when Anya does or doesn't have a soul, or whether her evil tendencies have anything to do with a soul or lack thereof.Here's an off-the-cuff attempt to explain Anya's soul and conscience or lack thereof. I think that, all along (beginning in her original life in Norway or wherever it was), Anya was pretty close to being unencumbered by a conscience. She had a soul -- because she's human, and humans have souls -- and she never lost her soul or needed to regain it, which is why we never hear about it. I wouldn't say she totally lacks a conscience, because if she did, then she wouldn't need the idea of "vengeance" to justify her actions. She just has a weak conscience.But anyway, she gets noticed by the lower beings and becomes a vengeance demon, and from then on, she isn't subject to the social pressures that push many ordinary people towards being law-abiding and peaceful and kind. On the contrary, her boss and colleagues (exemplified by Halfrek) encourage her to wield her awesome powers in clever and entertaining ways regardless of who gets hurt or whether the punishment fits the wrong for which vengeance is being done. At the same time, she doesn't get totally disconnected from humanity, because she needs to connect with scorned women in order to use her powers. But she gets a pretty skewed view of humanity, which probably reinforces her underlying tendency not to care about humans very much.So she loses her powers and becomes human but she's still basically the same person, and so in Doppelgangland it doesn't occur to her that she should care that all the people in the Bronze are about to be be eaten by vampires. She still thinks of herself as a demon, not as a human who could be eaten.But the change from being a demon back to being a human is about more than just losing her powers. It's a physical thing -- she has the body and hormones and other brain-chemicals of a teenage girl. So, as we will begin to see in The Prom, she is now affected by desire and love. Her human body makes her become much more "human."But she's still not big with the conscience. After she has been human for a while, we start to see that she cares quite a lot about money. She also starts to care very much about Xander, but that's based on a very personal kind of love (and also insecurity) and doesn't make her care much about humanity in general. She cares surprisingly little for Xander's close friends, who are nominally her friends too. And her ability to talk in a very frank and unfiltered way basically reflects the fact that she doesn't care how others feel.I may be starting to sound rather critical of Anya here, and I don't want to go too far in that direction. I think she's a great and entertaining character, certainly. And she is so vulnerable, at times, that it's easy to sympathize with her even though she's not very morally good. I don't necessarily agree with Joss's decision to kill her in Chosen. But I guess I am glad that Xander didn't end up marrying her.Anyway, thank you EBeth for getting me to think about this for the first time. Does anyone else have theories or observations about Anya?
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