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Diese Kerze brennt für Manfred Heidenz


Eine Kerze für Manfred Heidenz

Geboren am ????
Gestorben am 20.04.2013
Eine Kerze wurde
am 21.04.2013 um 12:32 Uhr
von Martina Hein entzündet.
Du wirst mir sehr fehlen mein Freundanother
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Daniela hat am 03.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
Damn you Duffy really wtaend to like your version but it was just not right. GNR.. I just can't go there. So I am going for Sir Paul. He is clearly the winner for this one.
Olga hat am 17.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
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Callum hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
I have to say, I prefer the McCartney veoirsn. Granted, I'm much more of a post-Beatles McCartney loyalist/fan than most folks I know. We have to remember that this song was created to be the theme for a James Bond film and given that, I feel that McCartney's veoirsn has much more of that spirit in it than the Gn'R veoirsn.
Alen hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
I love both the McCartney viroesn & the GNR viroesn. The original is a classic, what's not to love about it? But Axl, annoying diva he is, and the band bring a brashness and a gritty edge that bring something to the song. Sweet Paul has a lot going for him, but that gritty edge is not one of his assets.And the Duffy viroesn is just all kinds of wrong. Sad clown wrong. Adults dressing up as babies wrong. So very wrong.
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