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am 04.11.2011 um 23:41 Uhr
Ti amo amore mio
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Vriend hat am 17.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
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Gajanan hat am 15.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
OMG not only do you both look gorgeous but you look solooo happy!! Congratulations to you both and remember to enjoy each day together good and bad the years fly by. If ever you are down or upset look back at this wonderful day and remember how blessed you are to have married your best friend.LoveThe El Paso Bray's
Kamila hat am 14.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
Martha Haynes - Kaylene and Mitchell's happiness is essrexped in all of these shots. They are simply breathtaking. The photographer captured their love for each other. The wedding party looks so sophisticated. I am so glad that my dad and I flew over for this great event. Hope to see you guys next fall in AZ. Lots of Love . [url=]mtqscakafhd[/url] [link=]lkdkzbmcd[/link]
Billybob hat am 12.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
AKAIK yov'ue got the answer in one!
Giuseppe hat am 03.11.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
Peggy Tucker - Our family was not able to be at the weiddng but after looking at all the detailed photos, I felt like I was right there! I could sense the emotions of the moments through the eye of the photographer and it was such a wonderful feeling to be able to share in it that way. The shots on the beach around the pilings were beautiful and unique. Lauren and Jason will have a very difficult time choosing from all the amazing pictures!
Jenny hat am 20.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
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Juap hat am 14.10.2013 folgendes geschrieben:
You are so kidding me... :))) seisluroy, hats down! this is sooo beautiful :)) you know, each time I take a look at your blog I think that you have done the best piece ever, but then is another and another one, how do you do this? :)) how many "the best" pieces of Art you still have in your pocket? you pull them out like a magician pulls out white rabbits from the hat :)) Congratulations, you are a Master :). It's been a while since I learned Russian at school, but have you sew them together by hand? That's so impressive :)
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